I am going to LOSE Weight the RIGHT WAY! Episode # 1

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I am going to LOSE Weight the RIGHT WAY! Episode #1

So it has begun, youngest daughter newly graduated Nurse has taken control of the situation and developed a plan for me to lose weight and to do it the right way, replace all the bad stuff with good! Sound easy, a piece of cake 🙂

Okay I know, important stuff! I need to lose it – the kilos have been piling on since giving up smoking 3+ years ago – another GO ME moment!!

Before_After Losing Weight the RIGHT WAY

Now I have to deal with the AFTERMATH!! Go Me 🙂

Out comes my trusty friends, Pinterest and Google; recipe look ups and ideas for meal planning and replacement foods: In my little world and through life experience success in this endeavour can happen as long as I don’t over complicate it!  Armed with great meal, snack and lunch ideas I am now 10 days in and doing well – measurements have been taken, written in code and burned!! Youngest daughter has signed her life away committing to complete secrecy and understands, in no uncertain terms ‘she will be hurt, maimed, killed or worse’ if she was to disclose those numbers!

Supposedly there are 8 Types of Female Body shapes according to Shop our Shape – so after adding the secret figures into the calculator it showed me two potential body shapes; Spoon Body Shape (sounds ominous)! and a Pear Body Shape!  Now to chose, I need to chose an answer??:-

Choose an option that best describes you:

spoon body type
  1. My upper hips are very defined, creating a “shelf.” I tend to gain weight in my lower abdomen before I do my thighs? or,
  2. My upper waist gradually slopes out to my hips. I tend to gain weight in my butt and thighs before I do my lower abdomen


Okay, I am a mix a bitzer! Not definitely one or the other and in fact have weight in all areas mentioned! Yikes and thank goodness I don’t have two different personalities to go with the body shapes…….so I have named my shape ‘SPEAR’ !  Sounds good me me.
Hourglass with Extra Minutes_Losing Weight the RIGHT WAY







Moving on and taking this very seriously I cut sugar out cold turkey 6 days ago, coffee without sugar is like toast without vegemite!  I am suffering but am committed, or could be if this sends me batty….I have not eaten bread and have only had 1 wholemeal wrap during the week for lunch and am eating salads, quinoa, hummus and rice crackers (wholemeal of course).

I am feeling fatigued at the moment (joking), youngest daughter would be having a kiniption reading this and thinking it sounds like I am eating really boring food and the diet is actually quite severe, it could even be deemed parental abuse, seriously I am joking, loving her encouragement and support, she sees potential and happiness in me/for me by losing a few kilos (bloody heaps in fact)!  This will improve my life style and health and be another great personal achievement!

I will keep you updated and post regularly on my progress, share recipes and information I find helpful; I would love to hear your stories too.



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