What’s Your Favourite Spider?

What’s your favourite Spider? The sweet kind that is! Creaming soda, lemonade, Coke or Passiona,  or did you have another flavour?

Who could forget the trips to the local Milk Bar and the special treat of the Spider, it was special, well that’s how I remember it….!




  • Vanilla ice-cream

  • Creaming soda or Lemonade or Coke or Passiona


  1. Place a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a tall glass and pour over creaming soda, lemonade, Coke or Passiona.

  2. Serve with a straw or spoon.

Lime spider_picMy favourite, Lime Spider!  Check out Bells Milk Bar their lime cordial mix is the best!





Sarcasm Central

Grab your dose of Retro humour right here………


Maybe I use sarcasm fluently based on the kaz’ (people have been known to refer to me as that!) in the pronunciation, but for whatever reason I find it a useful tool when dealing with life’s ‘tools’!

So now your wondering who I am referring to as ‘tools’? Those with small minds and large opinions!  Everything if you like, in ‘black and white’, they know everything and you cant give them any advice they need!  See that’s where I like to use a little sarcasm, to help them along the way….:)

Interestingly though sarcasm and sarcastic people are looked upon as possible ‘passive aggressors’ trying to ‘mock, ridicule &/or hurt others’ due to a number of reasons in their own lives!  Find out more from KSL.com and their article on this!

Wow!  what is my problem then and why do I find myself using sarcasm to get through my days?  I don’t feel like I use if for evil but more for humour and candid comments to sometimes point out the ‘bleeding obvious’ to my hubby or children!  They have to know sometimes and this way I feel I am breaking it to them in a way they understand and feel comfortable with. Maybe as I have brought them up this way they aren’t affected.

In my working life though and as a people manager I do take care I am not using sarcasm to get a point across, at those times it is a face to face discussion about the issue or problem, no mincing my words, straight out with it but always surrounding the message with some positives as well – the constructive sandwich solution!  I found a great read recently @ Personal Excellence.co on this old concept!

So for the time being I am happy to continue to use sarcasm to get a point across where needed and love these wonderful Retro posters I love sharing with my family and friends; I often find myself collecting cards with either Sarcasm or Retro themes as well, “another collection” my hubby would say, but I just love all this stuff…!





  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

    “she didn’t like the note of sarcasm in his voice”

    synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, satire, irony, scorn, sneering, scoffing, gibing, taunting;

    trenchancy, mordancy, acerbity;
    rarecausticity, mordacity
    “his voice was heavy with sarcasm”


sarcasm-central_retro-humour-no-11sarcasm-central_retro-humour-no-10Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 7Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 9Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 6Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 5Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 4Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 3Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 2Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 1


Retro63 (aka Kaz)





Mum_Law_Sibling_Inheritance………OMG Inheritance issues before Death!?

Adulting has been very hard lately – taking on responsibility for Mums care was an easy decision but comes with a full set of tasks needing to be done daily; working full-time I am starting to become a great juggler and in saying that I am finding the responsibility does make me stop and take time in my busy day for personal matters, booking appointments, following up on things and checking in on Mum and my family!  In the past I’ve been known to completely ignore my personal life when at work and wasn’t known to be very organised when it came to personal appointments and follow-up for myself or my family, work came first, Mum raised me with a work ethic to match hers!

While on annual leave (3 weeks away from the business of managing people and clients, yah!), I grew up even more, one reason being I had my 53rd birthday, haha,  but more importantly than that I needed to realise my new role also came with a lot of negative comment and innuendo due to being in control of my Mum’s money! Wow, wow, wee – I wasn’t prepared nor expecting this, not from my one and only sibling who had relinquished Mums care to me and organised that I be her power of attorney!  You what?  Now you think I am ripping Mum off?

Needless to say I’ve grown up quickly and luckily I had from the beginning kept receipts for everything she purchased and payments, I am no bunny!  I have never wanted to be estranged from my family nor had I imagined this would ever happen, but there you go, like a witches brew and with the right ingredients you have a toxic mix of:-

jealousy, greed and lies!  Not a pretty picture but one that is played out in many families throughout the world on a daily basis. Witch V2





I learned this in talking with experts in this area and through internet research, wow – I was definitely naive, I always thought ‘if you are doing something for all the right reasons and with the right intent’ then you can’t go wrong! Wrong, this was obviously a very immature statement when dealing with people and money, or should I say future inheritance funds!!!

I now understand many people do start to count their chickens before they hatch, or should I say in this case their dollars before their loved one’s death!  Blunt I know but true in so many cases and definitely in ours!

Forgotten are the loved ones and their future or current needs, wants and wishes, how totally sad and disappointing we need to discuss issues like these with them when in fact we are saying to them, “just hang on a minute whilst we have an argument around what will be left of your money when you die, as there are some concerns you could spend too much of that making yourself comfortable and happy, hence cutting into the inheritance you will leave behind”, sorry for any inconvenience!…..wrong, wrong, wrong!! 

Mum is happy, loved and respected and with the support of a great family lawyer, some great advice and good record keeping on my part (go me) she will not have to have this discussion again and can just ‘live’.  

I am banking (pardon the pun) on her being around for at least the next 10 years and possibly 15 if she behaves herself, she’s not totally in agreement with me on this as she says at 81 she’s tired and thinks she may have earned a rest! That’s what she says, but I have used some well-meaning bribery and her love of her newest great-granddaughter to entice and guilt  her into being around for as long as possible or at least until the baby is 10 years old (she’s currently 1), I have complete faith in her, she’ll do it and happily!

Well that’s my ‘adulting’ moment for the time being, turned 53 and all hell broke loose, shite balls!  All is good and I can go back to believing the world is a great place, full of wonderful people…..mostly!

Thanks for listening and would love to hear any comments, feedback or stories of similar situations….







Donald Trump for Dummies

Republican Real Candidate

So it is now, President Trump….he won, what can I say!  Not much except it is going to be a YUGE! 2017, how will it go?  Who knows?

The states voted republican, they got Trump – lets hope its successful and not devastating!  It could go either way..!


Donald Trump (who I’ll refer to as the Trumpster) is really the republican candidate?  

Are you for real?

So, I am not one to ‘stick my nose into other people’s business’ or more correctly, other countries, but seriously!  Donald Trump is the republican candidate for President of the United States of America?

Before you all say, “who are you to ask?” My daughter-in-law and granddaughters are American citizens and my son lives and works in America – I myself from a young age have always been interested in America and its movie stars, singers TV shows, President’s, baseball and basketball to name a few things; so I feel like I am remotely related…?  Hows that for drawing a long bow?

Donald Trump for Dummies Pic 2

Donald Trump for Dummies 

  1. So firstly, let’s just get the hair out-of-the-way!  Yes it’s been described in many ways, The Washington Post’s article ‘The 100 greatest descriptions of Donald Trump’s hair ever written’ has some awesome ideas, my favourite being no. 71…..It may look like a dead gerbil, but it actually advertises both his vanity (hence, his humanness) and his imperviousness to ridicule. It would qualify as the most original Washington haircut since Ronald Reagan went prematurely orange. 
  2. Now, who is he? The Trumpster is a billionaire real estate mogul and reality television personality, WOW! – see, it’s so obvious why he applied for The President’s Job!
  3. So how does the Trumpster match up to The President’s Job description, according to the Constitution? Commander-in-Chief, power to ask for opinions from heads of departments, grant pardons, make treaties with other countries, appoint judges and ambassadors, report to Congress on the state of the union, play host to ambassadors and other public officials and enforce the nation’s rules, just to name a few! Surely his actions throughout the campaign so far reflect the description?
  4. Well he successfully won the Republicans presidential nomination, he must be a perfect match, right? He bulldozed his way through the primary, saying whatever he wanted, accusing and throwing mud at anyone and everyone, particularly those who dared to disagree with him; insulted Mexicans, Muslims, Federal Judges and President Obama himself! Made outrageous statements like blaming President Obama for the Orlando mass killings and stated he “wants to build walls”, right, great idea! Smart move, NOT! He encourages Russia to hack Clinton’s emails and most recently, his attack on the family of a dead American soldier was labelled ‘hurtful and humiliating’ by France’s President! Okay so Trump still has a way to go yet to hit all markers for the role!
  5. In fact I would have to say the Trumpster is a turkey! If he had a theme song I am sure it would be  Insane in the Brain, Cypress Hill  and here in Australia we would definitely describe him as being…………………………………………………………“Mad as a cut snake” = A crazy or a very angry person!!Donald Trump_Cut Snake

Okay, so you can probably tell I am definitely not a fan and never will be!

But, I can say I am very confident come November, Americans will pick the best candidate for the role; they have proven that consistently throughout history……..!

Donald Trump for Dummies_American PresidentsRetro63

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AFL Retro Round

The AFL’s Retro Round Peace Zodiawas the perfect background for two greats from Geelong to hit individual milestones.

Corey Enright (326 games) taking over the most games mantle from Ian Nankervis who was at the game and ready with hand shake when boys ran on the filed; Jimmy becoming the 4th cat to reach the 300 game milestone as well.

Geelong CATS – 2 of the best, Jimmy Bartel and Corey Enright, congrats on the achievements and well done on another win in 2016…..looking like another good year for the CATS 🙂

Fox Footy Retro Round promo from AFL




Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil, Who’s winning…?

Who will win?  Good vs. Evil! With hundreds killed over the last few weeks around the world, Paris, Brussels and Germany with the most recent attack on a Catholic Priest in Normandy..!  Each day we either wake up or come home to news of another attack, evil being unleashed on innocent people going about their day-to-day lives or large gatherings of people celebrating special events or ceremonies.

Good vs. Evil News Cycle

The news is so all consuming and sad! How do we, with  24 hour news cycles cope?

People may say, “turn off the news”!  if it was that easy I am sure we would have all done that a long time ago.  Burying your head in the sand doesn’t change anything, it may mean you aren’t aware of such atrocities but I believe that too is a win for those perpetrating the crimes!  They want us to be scared and unable to face what is happening; take away our freedoms, stop us from celebrating in our communities and drive us to acceptance of their acts of radicalism under the guise of their beliefs..!  After all they don’t like us and don’t believe we deserve to be alive!

I believe we need to know what is going on and build resilience and strength from the acts of heroism and love you see when each of these attacks take place; the world stops, cries, supports and sends love and prayers to those affected, globally we mourn and send thoughts and wishes of strength and encouragement to those countries and people who are grieving and healing; we are stronger globally than those who commit these heinous acts!

We too are driven by beliefs – a belief in humanity and its value; when we are under attack we  fight back!  How you say? with acts of kindness with people looking out for each other and communities, helping each other up and being there when we are needed.  People powered by acts of kindness, this is World Strength! a powerhouse, with this, we will always WIN!

World uniting symbols on social media – shows solidarity in grieving, allows anyone to send words of comfort, love and support, powering World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Paris Symbol This symbol went viral….http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2015/11/13/artist-jean-jullien-eiffel-tower-peace-sign-goes-viral-after-paris-terror/

Good vs. Evil Heart SymbolAgain another symbol went viral….http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/nice-attack-terror-lorry-powerful-tribute-cartoons-bastille-day-plantu-twitter-carlos-latuff-a7138091.html


Good vs. Evil Change the World

Some heart warming random acts of kindness that make us powerful! Remember,all acts, no matter how significant add up to World Strength!


Good vs. Evil No 5 shoelace Good vs. Evil No 4 umbrella Good vs. Evil No 1 tying the tieGood Vs. Evil No 12Good vs. Evil No 11Good vs. Evil No 10Good vs. Evil No 9Good vs. Evil No 8Good vs. Evil No 7Good vs. Evil No 13


Good vs. Evil Flowers 5 Good vs. Evil Flowers 4 Good vs. Evil Flowers 3 Good vs. Evil Flowers 2 Good vs. Evil Flowers 1

World Lights…….

Good vs. Evil Lights 5 Good vs. Evil Lights 4 Good vs. Evil Lights 3 Good vs. Evil Lights 2 Good vs. Evil Lights 1

We are winning, World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Lights 6




Cyclone Daughters

Have you been affected by a Cyclone lately?

  • Do you feel totally wiped out, tired and grumpy?

  • Does your house need major renovations and a professional clean?

  • Are your stress levels higher than the Democrats watching Donald Trump become the republicans ‘candidate’?

  • Are you instantly wanting to take a holiday, miles away, overseas in fact and for a long time?

If so, you like me have had the visit from your kids, with partners and grandchildren in tow, maybe even their pets as well.  The Cyclone comes to:-

a) hang out for the day – maybe they were recovering from a few drinks with friends the previous night or

b) see what you were having for dinner, maybe you had cooked enough for everyone or

c) check your pantry and freezer for anything they may have misplaced or left at your house, yeah right…! or

d) have a rest from being parents and let you take control of the kid’s needs!

Daughters, mine are like Cyclones – they love to drop in regularly with the grandkids. I liken their visits to stealth missions – arriving in secret (mostly), causing major destruction and leaving quickly, although their exit isn’t as quiet as it possibly should be for a successful mission!!

 Cyclone Daughters_Doing Nothing Today

Kids lets go and visit Nan and Pop, they’re doing ‘nothing’ today!

 Cyclone Daughters_Pic_own grandparents

So they arrive and suddenly the house that was orderly, peaceful and clean soon becomes noisy, messy and disorganised!

The volume has increased significantly with 5 conversations taking place simultaneously and everyone wanting their story, opinion or answer to be heard!


Do you love your family so much you overlook the cyclone which has arrived on your door step and greet them with a familiarly warm welcome, happy to be surrounded by the joys of your life – yes, like me I am sure you do and like me also, you will worry about the aftermath and the clean up later but for now you will enjoy the time you have with your family and their quirky habits and behaviours – that is until it’s time for them to leave, the cyclone is dissipating –  then the fun begins in reverse!

Have you got everything girls, “yes”!

As suspected – “No they haven’t!” and the Cyclone re-appears…..!

  1. Daughters mobile phone left in between cushions on couch whilst she was catching up on social media and having a break from mothering.
  2. Daughters car keys not in the handbag or pocket – lost? Where are the keys????? Possibly like on many occasions in the ignition of the car, parked out on the street for anyone to take if they wish!
  3. Grandkids socks and shoes missing? Where did they take them off grandparents, I’m sure you’ll know where to find them, can you please look, I’ll take the kids to the car and wait?
  4. All take-aways (food and supplies from pantry and freezer raid) still in the bags on the kitchen table? Oh yes, no worries I’ll run that out to the car for your as well, sorry you forgot it!
  5. A quick check of the back yard and sure enough they haven’t got their pets either!!

The list goes on and on, and the number of return visits to pick things up, or the phone calls to ask if they left x, y or z and then the problem solving, how are we or how are they going to get the items back?

Cyclone Daughters_Children Caffeine_Pet

Then you have the, thank god they’re gone moment interrupted by a knock at the door again, no – the keys aren’t in the car, so we now have a hunt happening and if we don’t find them within the next 30 seconds or so, we will have the grandkids back inside wondering what is taking so long!  Then they need to go to the loo and they need that last glass of water or a chocolate or biscuit!!

Daughters  and grandchildren, they are a special breed; loved, adored and treasured even though I am sure they are related to cyclones and tornadoes as are the grandchildren related to royalty! Little princes and princesses….! 🙂

Love them and wouldn’t change a thing except maybe my address and contact phone number! 


OMG where’s our parents gone??

Cyclone Daughters_Rocket




My Dribble….Evening News Edition 1

Breaking News_My Dribble InsertSo here’s My News Dribble for the day………

Sonia Kruger’s @SoniaKruger comments continue to be news worthy and causing comment and controversy..!

Sonia Kruger My Dribble_Evening Edition 1

Why?  She stated an opinion as many have who are not in the media spotlight but who, like Sonia are scared and worried about the future and the ‘safeness’ of our wonderful country!

We should be able to discuss these issues,  learn from events in other countries and work collaboratively to ensure we have done all we can to keep this country, our children and our communities safe.

It is a tough society who label someone a racist based on an answer to a question without hearing or more importantly listening to the context and reason that goes with that!  Typical 24 hour news cycles!

Our culture has changed and continues to change, our larrikin, she’ll be right attitude is fading and quickly being replaced with an ultra sensitive approach to words and actions; whether those words and actions are being spoken or enacted for the wrong reasons or not!

When we ask for an opinion from someone it is just that, their opinion!  Why then do the news media and public berate the responder with their own opinions of the answer – all of a sudden everyone wants to state what they believe to be the motive for the answer and then what that means in relation to political correctness, bias, racism, hatred and an abundance of other motivators; a simple answer to a question becomes the label the responder wears, whether it fits or not!

Sonia Kruger has, by answering the question honestly and openly kept the 24 hour news cycle, twitter, Facebook and all other social media platforms churning.

What has it proven and/or achieved, mainly venomous conversation and opinion pieces but I for one believe she, like I, am entitled to an opinion and I too am worried and scared for my children and my country’s future; when will the mass murders stop, will our world ever find peace, can we as humans increase our tolerance and love?

Maybe we could start by spending less time being opinionated and more time understanding our individualism which is represented by a range of opinions on events in the world and these opinions may be upsetting but being venomous in return does not fix or change it; tolerance and love is the way forward and this may include tolerating changes to immigration to enable a safer country, that can’t be too bad, our children and communities are too important to not do this!

If we don’t have the discussion and don’t listen to all opinions, we too could be angry with our Government in the future were there to be an act of terrorism in our country which kills or injures people; we would of course want answers and as always in today’s society, someone would have to pay, someone didn’t do their job well enough…!

Lets get over ourselves, tolerate others opinions and look to find solutions and make changes that support a safer and kinder society!