Cyclone Daughters

Have you been affected by a Cyclone lately?

  • Do you feel totally wiped out, tired and grumpy?

  • Does your house need major renovations and a professional clean?

  • Are your stress levels higher than the Democrats watching Donald Trump become the republicans ‘candidate’?

  • Are you instantly wanting to take a holiday, miles away, overseas in fact and for a long time?

If so, you like me have had the visit from your kids, with partners and grandchildren in tow, maybe even their pets as well.  The Cyclone comes to:-

a) hang out for the day – maybe they were recovering from a few drinks with friends the previous night or

b) see what you were having for dinner, maybe you had cooked enough for everyone or

c) check your pantry and freezer for anything they may have misplaced or left at your house, yeah right…! or

d) have a rest from being parents and let you take control of the kid’s needs!

Daughters, mine are like Cyclones – they love to drop in regularly with the grandkids. I liken their visits to stealth missions – arriving in secret (mostly), causing major destruction and leaving quickly, although their exit isn’t as quiet as it possibly should be for a successful mission!!

 Cyclone Daughters_Doing Nothing Today

Kids lets go and visit Nan and Pop, they’re doing ‘nothing’ today!

 Cyclone Daughters_Pic_own grandparents

So they arrive and suddenly the house that was orderly, peaceful and clean soon becomes noisy, messy and disorganised!

The volume has increased significantly with 5 conversations taking place simultaneously and everyone wanting their story, opinion or answer to be heard!


Do you love your family so much you overlook the cyclone which has arrived on your door step and greet them with a familiarly warm welcome, happy to be surrounded by the joys of your life – yes, like me I am sure you do and like me also, you will worry about the aftermath and the clean up later but for now you will enjoy the time you have with your family and their quirky habits and behaviours – that is until it’s time for them to leave, the cyclone is dissipating –  then the fun begins in reverse!

Have you got everything girls, “yes”!

As suspected – “No they haven’t!” and the Cyclone re-appears…..!

  1. Daughters mobile phone left in between cushions on couch whilst she was catching up on social media and having a break from mothering.
  2. Daughters car keys not in the handbag or pocket – lost? Where are the keys????? Possibly like on many occasions in the ignition of the car, parked out on the street for anyone to take if they wish!
  3. Grandkids socks and shoes missing? Where did they take them off grandparents, I’m sure you’ll know where to find them, can you please look, I’ll take the kids to the car and wait?
  4. All take-aways (food and supplies from pantry and freezer raid) still in the bags on the kitchen table? Oh yes, no worries I’ll run that out to the car for your as well, sorry you forgot it!
  5. A quick check of the back yard and sure enough they haven’t got their pets either!!

The list goes on and on, and the number of return visits to pick things up, or the phone calls to ask if they left x, y or z and then the problem solving, how are we or how are they going to get the items back?

Cyclone Daughters_Children Caffeine_Pet

Then you have the, thank god they’re gone moment interrupted by a knock at the door again, no – the keys aren’t in the car, so we now have a hunt happening and if we don’t find them within the next 30 seconds or so, we will have the grandkids back inside wondering what is taking so long!  Then they need to go to the loo and they need that last glass of water or a chocolate or biscuit!!

Daughters  and grandchildren, they are a special breed; loved, adored and treasured even though I am sure they are related to cyclones and tornadoes as are the grandchildren related to royalty! Little princes and princesses….! 🙂

Love them and wouldn’t change a thing except maybe my address and contact phone number! 


OMG where’s our parents gone??

Cyclone Daughters_Rocket




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