Donald Trump for Dummies

Republican Real Candidate

So it is now, President Trump….he won, what can I say!  Not much except it is going to be a YUGE! 2017, how will it go?  Who knows?

The states voted republican, they got Trump – lets hope its successful and not devastating!  It could go either way..!


Donald Trump (who I’ll refer to as the Trumpster) is really the republican candidate?  

Are you for real?

So, I am not one to ‘stick my nose into other people’s business’ or more correctly, other countries, but seriously!  Donald Trump is the republican candidate for President of the United States of America?

Before you all say, “who are you to ask?” My daughter-in-law and granddaughters are American citizens and my son lives and works in America – I myself from a young age have always been interested in America and its movie stars, singers TV shows, President’s, baseball and basketball to name a few things; so I feel like I am remotely related…?  Hows that for drawing a long bow?

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Donald Trump for Dummies 

  1. So firstly, let’s just get the hair out-of-the-way!  Yes it’s been described in many ways, The Washington Post’s article ‘The 100 greatest descriptions of Donald Trump’s hair ever written’ has some awesome ideas, my favourite being no. 71…..It may look like a dead gerbil, but it actually advertises both his vanity (hence, his humanness) and his imperviousness to ridicule. It would qualify as the most original Washington haircut since Ronald Reagan went prematurely orange. 
  2. Now, who is he? The Trumpster is a billionaire real estate mogul and reality television personality, WOW! – see, it’s so obvious why he applied for The President’s Job!
  3. So how does the Trumpster match up to The President’s Job description, according to the Constitution? Commander-in-Chief, power to ask for opinions from heads of departments, grant pardons, make treaties with other countries, appoint judges and ambassadors, report to Congress on the state of the union, play host to ambassadors and other public officials and enforce the nation’s rules, just to name a few! Surely his actions throughout the campaign so far reflect the description?
  4. Well he successfully won the Republicans presidential nomination, he must be a perfect match, right? He bulldozed his way through the primary, saying whatever he wanted, accusing and throwing mud at anyone and everyone, particularly those who dared to disagree with him; insulted Mexicans, Muslims, Federal Judges and President Obama himself! Made outrageous statements like blaming President Obama for the Orlando mass killings and stated he “wants to build walls”, right, great idea! Smart move, NOT! He encourages Russia to hack Clinton’s emails and most recently, his attack on the family of a dead American soldier was labelled ‘hurtful and humiliating’ by France’s President! Okay so Trump still has a way to go yet to hit all markers for the role!
  5. In fact I would have to say the Trumpster is a turkey! If he had a theme song I am sure it would be  Insane in the Brain, Cypress Hill  and here in Australia we would definitely describe him as being…………………………………………………………“Mad as a cut snake” = A crazy or a very angry person!!Donald Trump_Cut Snake

Okay, so you can probably tell I am definitely not a fan and never will be!

But, I can say I am very confident come November, Americans will pick the best candidate for the role; they have proven that consistently throughout history……..!

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