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My Dribble….Evening News Edition 1

Breaking News_My Dribble InsertSo here’s My News Dribble for the day………

Sonia Kruger’s @SoniaKruger comments continue to be news worthy and causing comment and controversy..!

Sonia Kruger My Dribble_Evening Edition 1

Why?  She stated an opinion as many have who are not in the media spotlight but who, like Sonia are scared and worried about the future and the ‘safeness’ of our wonderful country!

We should be able to discuss these issues,  learn from events in other countries and work collaboratively to ensure we have done all we can to keep this country, our children and our communities safe.

It is a tough society who label someone a racist based on an answer to a question without hearing or more importantly listening to the context and reason that goes with that!  Typical 24 hour news cycles!

Our culture has changed and continues to change, our larrikin, she’ll be right attitude is fading and quickly being replaced with an ultra sensitive approach to words and actions; whether those words and actions are being spoken or enacted for the wrong reasons or not!

When we ask for an opinion from someone it is just that, their opinion!  Why then do the news media and public berate the responder with their own opinions of the answer – all of a sudden everyone wants to state what they believe to be the motive for the answer and then what that means in relation to political correctness, bias, racism, hatred and an abundance of other motivators; a simple answer to a question becomes the label the responder wears, whether it fits or not!

Sonia Kruger has, by answering the question honestly and openly kept the 24 hour news cycle, twitter, Facebook and all other social media platforms churning.

What has it proven and/or achieved, mainly venomous conversation and opinion pieces but I for one believe she, like I, am entitled to an opinion and I too am worried and scared for my children and my country’s future; when will the mass murders stop, will our world ever find peace, can we as humans increase our tolerance and love?

Maybe we could start by spending less time being opinionated and more time understanding our individualism which is represented by a range of opinions on events in the world and these opinions may be upsetting but being venomous in return does not fix or change it; tolerance and love is the way forward and this may include tolerating changes to immigration to enable a safer country, that can’t be too bad, our children and communities are too important to not do this!

If we don’t have the discussion and don’t listen to all opinions, we too could be angry with our Government in the future were there to be an act of terrorism in our country which kills or injures people; we would of course want answers and as always in today’s society, someone would have to pay, someone didn’t do their job well enough…!

Lets get over ourselves, tolerate others opinions and look to find solutions and make changes that support a safer and kinder society!



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