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As you already know I grew up watching American TV shows, I loved those sitcoms and especially the ones based on family life, I watched them in my earlier years and continued watching them throughout my 20’s and 30’s!

For me as a young mother, staring in her own family now, I would have to say there were many reasons I watched the shows, not only because they were funny but I found myself replicating many of the ideas, home themes, humour and advice in my own life!

I was very observant and even though I was tuned into the episode, like a very good detective I was scoping out the kitchen, lounge room and bedrooms; how were they set up, what were the colour schemes, what utensils and appliances were in the kitchen?  Were they clean and tidy or messy and busy?

I loved this aspect of my time watching shows such as Family Ties, Eight is Enough, Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Good Times, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, The Walton’s, Married with Children and Happy Days to name a few!

Each of the families had a certain set of dynamics and in the majority of cases were based on humour; life threw many issues and events at them but with some strong and often sarcastic humour they made their way through and always came out OK on the other side.

I often found myself shopping for similar items as those on the sets of my favourite shows, the beautiful stained glass lamp in Family Ties, I loved that lamp and yes, I had to have one the same for my lounge room; picking paint schemes for our home based on my research of my shows, various items of furniture and ornaments again were sourced after watching episodes of my TV families.  .

I would rise and fall with the dramas visited upon my TV families and would often select different characters’ strengths to use in my own life.

Alex P Keaton! Wow that young boy, he was a force to be reckoned with, what a fantastic character.Alex P Keaton Retro63 Life_Family_Fun

Having a son of my own and one that seemed to ‘have been here before’!

I am sure this show helped to mold the way I and my son’s relationship grew.  I had an absolute respect for his confidence and ‘get it done attitude’ and would often encourage those exact traits throughout his life and amazingly he remains a confident and driven 35-year-old.

Not surprising to me our son was running his own business from the age of 19!  He currently works and lives overseas, the father of 1 daughter, step dad to another and extremely happy with his beautiful wife of 1 year.

Our 3 daughters are strong willed and strong minded individuals – the 3 of them have grown up as independent and driven young ladies with strengths in a wide range of areas.

Strong Willed Raising Children

Daughter No 1

– started life as an apprentice jockey and at the age of 32 is a mother of 3 and continues to work around animals.

Daughter No 2

– beauty care, design and co-coordinating; a 28-year-old mother of 1 and just finished building their home with her partner of 7 years.

Daughter No 3

– our Nurse – commencing her 1st posting as a newly graduated Nurse at the age of 21.Lucille Quote No 5


Lucille Quote No 4

So as much as some people were not impressed with the amount of American TV on our screens, I couldn’t get enough, these shows gave me some great ideas, advice and a love of humour that got me through some long hard days at home with my children and in my ongoing relationship with my husband of 35 hears!  I say thank god for my daily, weekly fix of American sitcoms!

Lucille Quote No 2Lucille Quote No 3Lucille Quote No 1








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