Foods! Weight Loss the RIGHT WAY – Episode #3

Okay so here we go again, episode # 3 – which equates to about 3+ weeks of this weight loss program and I am going to lose weight the right way!



Today we look at some of the foods I have been eating in my weight loss program and finally there is movement, I have lost 4.5 kilos and a cm off both my waist and thighs – yee-ha! The trusty old boobs remain stubborn and biggish!!  What do they say about ‘moving mountains’!??

My efforts and that of younger daughter have not been in vein and I can celebrate – slightly – obviously I need to keep up eating the right foods, maybe one piece of Lindt dark chocolate again this week – yippee!

I have been sticking to our plan and eating the right foods and steering well clear of, sugar, bread and soft drinks, I am eating healthily and I am now making really good and smart decisions about what foods I am putting into my body.

I have started to appreciate different foods: taking time to prepare and sit and eat it, as Lucille Ball once said “to live longer, you need to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age”!

A few of the foods I have been eating over the last weeks have been:-

Some of my favourites
Some of my favourites

sweet-potato-and-tuna-patties Episode # 3 Quiona & Sweet Potato Patties Episode # 3* Quinoa and Sweet Potato Patties – from A House in the Hills Recipe – they are AWESOME!!!





  •  Tuna on rice crackers
  • Tuna on salad
  • Tuna on C with tomato and pepper
  • Tuna and Sweet Potato Patties – from – Recipe – yum, yum and more yum
  • Chicken breast oven baked
  • Chicken breast grilled
  • Chicken kebabs (home made of course) with capsicum, onion and mushrooms
  • Cabbage, onion and garlic with a small amount of lean bacon – from All recipes – Recipe
  • Beef kebabs
  • Beef Stir Fry with vegetables and cashews (home made with fresh produces from our local Coles)
  • Fruit Salad with Orange Poppy Seed Syrup – from 

Not an exhaustive list of foods I know, but some of the favourites at the moment with more to come in future updates.


Interesting FOOD FACTS!!

I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Fun Fact # 3 Lollies_Chocs I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Fun Fact # 2 I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Snacking FACT








So onward and upward, or should I say downward – with some dedication and continued improvement to my choices of foods and eating habits I know I can shed the weight I need to be comfortable, healthy and happy.

This is simple but so true...onwards and upwards, uh-huh, downwards........
This is simple but so true…onwards and upwards, uh-huh, downwards……..











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