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Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil, Who’s winning…?

Who will win?  Good vs. Evil! With hundreds killed over the last few weeks around the world, Paris, Brussels and Germany with the most recent attack on a Catholic Priest in Normandy..!  Each day we either wake up or come home to news of another attack, evil being unleashed on innocent people going about their day-to-day lives or large gatherings of people celebrating special events or ceremonies.

Good vs. Evil News Cycle

The news is so all consuming and sad! How do we, with  24 hour news cycles cope?

People may say, “turn off the news”!  if it was that easy I am sure we would have all done that a long time ago.  Burying your head in the sand doesn’t change anything, it may mean you aren’t aware of such atrocities but I believe that too is a win for those perpetrating the crimes!  They want us to be scared and unable to face what is happening; take away our freedoms, stop us from celebrating in our communities and drive us to acceptance of their acts of radicalism under the guise of their beliefs..!  After all they don’t like us and don’t believe we deserve to be alive!

I believe we need to know what is going on and build resilience and strength from the acts of heroism and love you see when each of these attacks take place; the world stops, cries, supports and sends love and prayers to those affected, globally we mourn and send thoughts and wishes of strength and encouragement to those countries and people who are grieving and healing; we are stronger globally than those who commit these heinous acts!

We too are driven by beliefs – a belief in humanity and its value; when we are under attack we  fight back!  How you say? with acts of kindness with people looking out for each other and communities, helping each other up and being there when we are needed.  People powered by acts of kindness, this is World Strength! a powerhouse, with this, we will always WIN!

World uniting symbols on social media – shows solidarity in grieving, allows anyone to send words of comfort, love and support, powering World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Paris Symbol This symbol went viral….http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2015/11/13/artist-jean-jullien-eiffel-tower-peace-sign-goes-viral-after-paris-terror/

Good vs. Evil Heart SymbolAgain another symbol went viral….http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/nice-attack-terror-lorry-powerful-tribute-cartoons-bastille-day-plantu-twitter-carlos-latuff-a7138091.html


Good vs. Evil Change the World

Some heart warming random acts of kindness that make us powerful! Remember,all acts, no matter how significant add up to World Strength!


Good vs. Evil No 5 shoelace Good vs. Evil No 4 umbrella Good vs. Evil No 1 tying the tieGood Vs. Evil No 12Good vs. Evil No 11Good vs. Evil No 10Good vs. Evil No 9Good vs. Evil No 8Good vs. Evil No 7Good vs. Evil No 13


Good vs. Evil Flowers 5 Good vs. Evil Flowers 4 Good vs. Evil Flowers 3 Good vs. Evil Flowers 2 Good vs. Evil Flowers 1

World Lights…….

Good vs. Evil Lights 5 Good vs. Evil Lights 4 Good vs. Evil Lights 3 Good vs. Evil Lights 2 Good vs. Evil Lights 1

We are winning, World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Lights 6




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