Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day 2016 – the Day of Love

I either go to a lot of trouble to show my love, or I go to none – depends on my mood and our relationship at the time!

Being that my birthday is the day after, hubby never really makes a fuss on either or both of these days!

I find myself 35 years into our marriage suddenly very interested in both my star sign (Aquarius) and that of my hubbies (Leo) – and with valentines on the horizon there is never a better time than now to check out our compatibility?

Seeking answers to this proved quite an interesting process….?


Leo and Aquarius Compatibility by Imelda – lets see what she has to say?leo aquarius star sign


…..Leo and Aquarius compatibility in love, friendships and even in marriage is analysed and reviewed in this special compatibility report.

I have prepared this to answer the question that I get asked on an almost daily basis –

Are Leo and Aquarius a good match or should these two signs avoid each other like the plague?

Many people have asked me to analyse these two signs of the Zodiac and consider the potential love compatibility and friendship compatibility between Leo and Aquarius for the year ahead so without further ado, let’s get started right away!

Powerful, interesting, fascinating; these are the adjectives to describe how people will see a relationship between a Leo and Aquarius.

At its best, the Leo and Aquarius relationship is one founded on love, compatibility, and the strange fact that opposites really do attract.

So, this article states the bleeding obvious (to me anyway), opposites do attract! because we are definitely that!  opposites attract photoOpposites, without a doubt and getting more and more that way as we age.

I read on………

When balanced correctly, a Leo-Aquarius relationship is formidable, a relationship that defines power and intellect.

So the secret is to remain balanced – well I can see straight away where we have gone wrong for days, months and years at times!!

We obviously became unbalanced!

Yikes, possibly could have been due to my fluctuating weight throughout our marriage, whilst old reliable Leo stays pretty much the same weight day in, day out, year in year out!

I am now positive the weight threw us off balance, ha-ha J


Okay, so we will survive another few years together (at least)! We care, we laugh and we can improvise………

I care 2016 lucy & des loving old couple on scooter


So even though an interesting read and yes, some of the facts are truly correct!  We will continue on, with me knowing there are a few reasons why this relationship is a good one………………………………..because no matter what I know………id agree but we would be wrong and I have known for years and will continue to know……….she knows your an idiot and

crazy woman


Love Always from Retro63 xxx




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