They way I deal with a sad heart!

Sad Heart

How is it you can be surrounded by people but still feel alone?  I have always wondered and never understood!

Life is so complicated and busy – time spent with family and friends can be stressful for many reasons and some of those will remain private or never spoken about.

I have dealt with moments like this in my own way and in fact really dislike it when people notice my sad heart!  My mood was not meant to be noticed nor acted on – I just needed to be left to do what I was doing and to not communicate.

Once noticed it is hard to not let your emotions out!  That for me is the worst case scenario…! A moment of weakness, the guard being let down – and in my brain it equates to emotional and vulnerable, neither appealing to me!!

Why?  I wish I knew why in those moments of ‘being found out’ it becomes too hard to deal with…..to the point of being angry your mood or demeanour have been questioned, even with the best of intentions?  I don’t get it and never probably will?!!

The mind is amazing, the more I try to understand it the less I seem too!

Mental health illnesses are rampant with many people either suffering and living with this daily or for others it can be episodic.  Our fast paced, technological age, together with 24/7 news cycles and instant communication access with anyone at anytime are a potent mix; a mix often leaving us exhausted, feeling inadequate and emotionally drained!

In the past we would watch a good TV soap opera to get our dose of drama or feel good moments and then switch channels or switch off!  Now it seems soap opera’s are acted out daily, minute by minute on social media and for what ever reason leave others feeling insecure or lonely….asking themselves why their lives are not as pretty, interesting or action packed as those depicted in their feeds!

social-media-bannerThe new epidemic, Social Media Sickness!  It wont be long before we are hearing of diagnosed cases and the medical research world will be abuzz with remedies and medications – millions of dollars will be made by all, doctors, pharmacists, medical companies and psychologists together with vitamin companies, self help bloggers and media groups in general.

Life as we know it has changed and in my opinion not always for the best!  So if you are feeling lonely even when surrounded by people or not, just talk, say what’s on your mind and if you cant then, write, let it out on paper or computer – life isn’t an easy road, nor does it come with instructions!

You make the best of your world, your life, your family and your fun – it’s who you are, it’s what you think and feel, let them know – it’s not weakness to reveal yourself but strength and confidence! Your life is individual, amazing and yours – just be you!






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