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I’ve always found in life you must retain a sense of humour, have fun and laugh often! You have to be ready to laugh at a moments notice and sometimes, at the most inappropriate times! Church, at the doctors, parent teacher meetings, business meetings and the worst one, at a funeral, just to name a few!

Often it’s my ability to find humorous moments throughout the day that gets me through life!

I love a good laugh and particularly at myself ! Laughing at myself and often is a given and is heaps and heaps of fun!

Life is and can be quite hard at times, even though I am sure it’s not supposed to be and maybe we make it harder by over thinking every aspect of our lives and life choices and we don’t laugh enough!

Emotions are tweaked each day, smiling, laughing and crying are all regular responses to how you’re feeling!

There are no rules on how you cope with certain situations or feelings and everyone’s reactions will be different and thank goodness for that!  The world is unique based on those differences and again, thank goodness for that!

I want to share some of the fun times and hilarious days I have had being a wife, mother, grandmother, people manager and now carer – my days are varied and sprinkled with emotional moments, and how I cope with those enable me to regret less, love more and laugh and smile often (very) 🙂

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and who can forget the unforgettable Grumpy Cat! 

Love to hear what gets you through your day?



Retro63 – The woman behind the blog


For those not familiar with the woman behind Retro63?

You know that little voice in your head that’s meant to keep you from saying things you aren’t supposed to? Mine says “say it, go on say it, I dare you”

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I’m Retro63! A mother, grandmother and people manager – my loves, family, having fun and living life.

I want to connect with people through my regular update so things that mean something to me make me laugh, make me ask questions and teach me something,: i hope to take you along on the journey and look forward to hearing from you 🙂

I am business and people focused, with 15 years’ management experience and a passion for supporting those in our community into employment. Why?   This has both challenged and rewarded me on a daily basis!


I have an eclectic nature and love a wide range of things, I hope to bring a lot of that to this site.

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