Child of the 60’s – Retro63…

Child of the 60’s – My Life, My Family & My Fun – the beginning:

1963 A great year – my life starts!  A child of the 60’s lover of all things American: TV shows and movie stars.  Mickey Mouse Club, loved Annette Funicello and couldn’t get enough of Spin & Marty!  Growing up watching, laughing and loving Lucille Ball, OMG how funny was she and how lucky were Americans, she was their’s and I was jealous!

By the time I was 9 I was watching Tom Jones in his weekly TV show and life was good, loved his voice and still do; I couldn’t get enough TV was fun!

I watched I Love Lucy, My Favorite Martian, The Flying Nun and many more.

Family time, watching TV and drinking milk coffee drinks with my grandpop, hanging out in his shed through the day was another fun thing to do!! Wow, now that was a serious shed! Not sure how everything fitted in there without the shed falling over? Funnily it was much later in life that I realised there was a label for my Pop and his shed addiction…..he was a hoarder, not a small time hoarder but a big kick ass type of one!!!

And Life goes on:

Growing up in a family of females – the matriarch, my grandmother, my mum and older sister; being the Aquarian observer I worked out very early to do whatever My Nan asked us to do, she was in charge, whether we liked it or not!

Swimming, basketball and music got me through my teens; with no father figure we were taught to ‘just get things done, using our own strength and nous!!  I had a very determined and independent attitude!

A mum at an early age, family meant and means everything.  4 children and 6 grandchildren later I have lived a very busy and fun life!  Being the first one for 3 generations to have been married for 35 years and counting, more to come on that later, maybe?!

I have evolved and grown through many stages; the stay at home mum, with 1 car to share with my husband; the part-time mum, working around child care and school hours and finally the full-time worker mum!

Luckily for me by the 4th child my husband was self-employed and he worked around her school hours, becoming a stay at home Dad!  Now there are some stories out of that one and yes I will talk about them soon enough.

Life continued – let the fun begin:

And finally, the chapter of my life I never thought would happen!

Full time worker, Mum, grand mum and my mother’s Carer!!  Wow a big title with a lot of responsibility, can I do it, am I doing it?  All I know is my motto in life is getting a full on work out!!! Have fun and be happy 🙂

It’s in this new phase I thank god for my sense of humour and more importantly my ability to laugh at myself, because each and every day I come across something I was not ready or prepared for!

Yikes, so Retro63 a lover of American TV shows; music, sport, family, life and fun if I haven’t grown up by now, I am certainly growing up very quickly right NOW, happy days! (Richie Cunningham and The Fonz) loved that show too 🙂








Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil, Who’s winning…?

Who will win?  Good vs. Evil! With hundreds killed over the last few weeks around the world, Paris, Brussels and Germany with the most recent attack on a Catholic Priest in Normandy..!  Each day we either wake up or come home to news of another attack, evil being unleashed on innocent people going about their day-to-day lives or large gatherings of people celebrating special events or ceremonies.

Good vs. Evil News Cycle

The news is so all consuming and sad! How do we, with  24 hour news cycles cope?

People may say, “turn off the news”!  if it was that easy I am sure we would have all done that a long time ago.  Burying your head in the sand doesn’t change anything, it may mean you aren’t aware of such atrocities but I believe that too is a win for those perpetrating the crimes!  They want us to be scared and unable to face what is happening; take away our freedoms, stop us from celebrating in our communities and drive us to acceptance of their acts of radicalism under the guise of their beliefs..!  After all they don’t like us and don’t believe we deserve to be alive!

I believe we need to know what is going on and build resilience and strength from the acts of heroism and love you see when each of these attacks take place; the world stops, cries, supports and sends love and prayers to those affected, globally we mourn and send thoughts and wishes of strength and encouragement to those countries and people who are grieving and healing; we are stronger globally than those who commit these heinous acts!

We too are driven by beliefs – a belief in humanity and its value; when we are under attack we  fight back!  How you say? with acts of kindness with people looking out for each other and communities, helping each other up and being there when we are needed.  People powered by acts of kindness, this is World Strength! a powerhouse, with this, we will always WIN!

World uniting symbols on social media – shows solidarity in grieving, allows anyone to send words of comfort, love and support, powering World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Paris Symbol This symbol went viral….

Good vs. Evil Heart SymbolAgain another symbol went viral….


Good vs. Evil Change the World

Some heart warming random acts of kindness that make us powerful! Remember,all acts, no matter how significant add up to World Strength!


Good vs. Evil No 5 shoelace Good vs. Evil No 4 umbrella Good vs. Evil No 1 tying the tieGood Vs. Evil No 12Good vs. Evil No 11Good vs. Evil No 10Good vs. Evil No 9Good vs. Evil No 8Good vs. Evil No 7Good vs. Evil No 13


Good vs. Evil Flowers 5 Good vs. Evil Flowers 4 Good vs. Evil Flowers 3 Good vs. Evil Flowers 2 Good vs. Evil Flowers 1

World Lights…….

Good vs. Evil Lights 5 Good vs. Evil Lights 4 Good vs. Evil Lights 3 Good vs. Evil Lights 2 Good vs. Evil Lights 1

We are winning, World Strength!

Good vs. Evil Lights 6




Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mothers Day_Card P1

Happy Mother’s Day to my Greatest Teacher, my best friend and my cheapest therapist!

Love Always……Retro63



Family – Inspired by American Family Sitcoms, Life_Family_Fun

As you already know I grew up watching American TV shows, I loved those sitcoms and especially the ones based on family life, I watched them in my earlier years and continued watching them throughout my 20’s and 30’s!

For me as a young mother, staring in her own family now, I would have to say there were many reasons I watched the shows, not only because they were funny but I found myself replicating many of the ideas, home themes, humour and advice in my own life!

I was very observant and even though I was tuned into the episode, like a very good detective I was scoping out the kitchen, lounge room and bedrooms; how were they set up, what were the colour schemes, what utensils and appliances were in the kitchen?  Were they clean and tidy or messy and busy?

I loved this aspect of my time watching shows such as Family Ties, Eight is Enough, Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Good Times, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, The Walton’s, Married with Children and Happy Days to name a few!

Each of the families had a certain set of dynamics and in the majority of cases were based on humour; life threw many issues and events at them but with some strong and often sarcastic humour they made their way through and always came out OK on the other side.

I often found myself shopping for similar items as those on the sets of my favourite shows, the beautiful stained glass lamp in Family Ties, I loved that lamp and yes, I had to have one the same for my lounge room; picking paint schemes for our home based on my research of my shows, various items of furniture and ornaments again were sourced after watching episodes of my TV families.  .

I would rise and fall with the dramas visited upon my TV families and would often select different characters’ strengths to use in my own life.

Alex P Keaton! Wow that young boy, he was a force to be reckoned with, what a fantastic character.Alex P Keaton Retro63 Life_Family_Fun

Having a son of my own and one that seemed to ‘have been here before’!

I am sure this show helped to mold the way I and my son’s relationship grew.  I had an absolute respect for his confidence and ‘get it done attitude’ and would often encourage those exact traits throughout his life and amazingly he remains a confident and driven 35-year-old.

Not surprising to me our son was running his own business from the age of 19!  He currently works and lives overseas, the father of 1 daughter, step dad to another and extremely happy with his beautiful wife of 1 year.

Our 3 daughters are strong willed and strong minded individuals – the 3 of them have grown up as independent and driven young ladies with strengths in a wide range of areas.

Strong Willed Raising Children

Daughter No 1

– started life as an apprentice jockey and at the age of 32 is a mother of 3 and continues to work around animals.

Daughter No 2

– beauty care, design and co-coordinating; a 28-year-old mother of 1 and just finished building their home with her partner of 7 years.

Daughter No 3

– our Nurse – commencing her 1st posting as a newly graduated Nurse at the age of 21.Lucille Quote No 5


Lucille Quote No 4

So as much as some people were not impressed with the amount of American TV on our screens, I couldn’t get enough, these shows gave me some great ideas, advice and a love of humour that got me through some long hard days at home with my children and in my ongoing relationship with my husband of 35 hears!  I say thank god for my daily, weekly fix of American sitcoms!

Lucille Quote No 2Lucille Quote No 3Lucille Quote No 1









Valentines Day

valentine post

Valentine’s Day 2016 – the Day of Love

I either go to a lot of trouble to show my love, or I go to none – depends on my mood and our relationship at the time!

Being that my birthday is the day after, hubby never really makes a fuss on either or both of these days!

I find myself 35 years into our marriage suddenly very interested in both my star sign (Aquarius) and that of my hubbies (Leo) – and with valentines on the horizon there is never a better time than now to check out our compatibility?

Seeking answers to this proved quite an interesting process….?


Leo and Aquarius Compatibility by Imelda – lets see what she has to say?leo aquarius star sign


…..Leo and Aquarius compatibility in love, friendships and even in marriage is analysed and reviewed in this special compatibility report.

I have prepared this to answer the question that I get asked on an almost daily basis –

Are Leo and Aquarius a good match or should these two signs avoid each other like the plague?

Many people have asked me to analyse these two signs of the Zodiac and consider the potential love compatibility and friendship compatibility between Leo and Aquarius for the year ahead so without further ado, let’s get started right away!

Powerful, interesting, fascinating; these are the adjectives to describe how people will see a relationship between a Leo and Aquarius.

At its best, the Leo and Aquarius relationship is one founded on love, compatibility, and the strange fact that opposites really do attract.

So, this article states the bleeding obvious (to me anyway), opposites do attract! because we are definitely that!  opposites attract photoOpposites, without a doubt and getting more and more that way as we age.

I read on………

When balanced correctly, a Leo-Aquarius relationship is formidable, a relationship that defines power and intellect.

So the secret is to remain balanced – well I can see straight away where we have gone wrong for days, months and years at times!!

We obviously became unbalanced!

Yikes, possibly could have been due to my fluctuating weight throughout our marriage, whilst old reliable Leo stays pretty much the same weight day in, day out, year in year out!

I am now positive the weight threw us off balance, ha-ha J


Okay, so we will survive another few years together (at least)! We care, we laugh and we can improvise………

I care 2016 lucy & des loving old couple on scooter


So even though an interesting read and yes, some of the facts are truly correct!  We will continue on, with me knowing there are a few reasons why this relationship is a good one………………………………..because no matter what I know………id agree but we would be wrong and I have known for years and will continue to know……….she knows your an idiot and

crazy woman


Love Always from Retro63 xxx