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To Soundproof or Not?

Super Sonic Snoring…

Super Sonic Snoring – the most important question Retro63 and hubby have at the moment, to sound proof or not? That is the question? Let me set the scene, peacefully tucked up in our new King Size bed, Egyptian sheets, pillowcases and doona surrounding us – cloud 9 you could say….then, it begins! Mum and […]

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Laugh, just laugh out loud

I’ve always found in life you must retain a sense of humour, have fun and laugh often! You have to be ready to laugh at a moments notice and sometimes, at the most inappropriate times! Church, at the doctors, parent teacher meetings, business meetings and the worst one, at a funeral, just to name a few! Often it’s my […]

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My Brain!

My Brain!

  Why is it I seem to think things through in a kind of weird way! Apparently that is? Whenever I think about things I have, again apparently, a unique way of doing it and when explaining what I thought, youngest daughter particularly can’t believe My Brain thinks that way!  I believe I am quite normal but based […]

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