Stylish People of the Past

Remember the stylish people of the past, we loved nothing more than to see those we idolised in a magazine or on TV screen and we would be in awe! They were sexy and oozing style!

Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen (the ‘King of Cool’), to name a few.

Movie stars and starlets dressed to impress, providing us with our ‘daily dose of eye candy’! We couldn’t get enough.

My two all time favourites, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, wow! I still to this day don’t tire of seeing and reading articles about them. I am no expert on their lives I am just more intrigued by their stories. Sixty one years ago Elvis Presley released Heartbreak Hotel, I wasn’t even born then but 10 to 15 years later I was listening to that song and many more of Elvis’ records. His dark smouldering looks and piercing blue eyes, coupled with his voice and his moves! Who couldn’t fall in love with Elvis?

Marilyn with her childlike voice, blonde hair, bombshell drop dead looks and body; she was gorgeous! I so love to see a black and white shot of her; some show a sultry confident actress and others capture a shy, less confident young lady who seems lost, what do you think she was looking for? I wish she had found it maybe then she wouldn’t have died so young!


Hollywood seemed the place to be born; you could have been an actress  or actor, partying and fun times were the image… always had appeal, the Hollywood lifestyle glamorous, romantic and full of wealthy people having fun times…..!  We all know this wasn’t exactly how it went but hey, the nostalgia.

Who were your favourites and why?  Would love to hear.






Child of the 60’s – Retro63…

Child of the 60’s – My Life, My Family & My Fun – the beginning:

1963 A great year – my life starts!  A child of the 60’s lover of all things American: TV shows and movie stars.  Mickey Mouse Club, loved Annette Funicello and couldn’t get enough of Spin & Marty!  Growing up watching, laughing and loving Lucille Ball, OMG how funny was she and how lucky were Americans, she was their’s and I was jealous!

By the time I was 9 I was watching Tom Jones in his weekly TV show and life was good, loved his voice and still do; I couldn’t get enough TV was fun!

I watched I Love Lucy, My Favorite Martian, The Flying Nun and many more.

Family time, watching TV and drinking milk coffee drinks with my grandpop, hanging out in his shed through the day was another fun thing to do!! Wow, now that was a serious shed! Not sure how everything fitted in there without the shed falling over? Funnily it was much later in life that I realised there was a label for my Pop and his shed addiction…..he was a hoarder, not a small time hoarder but a big kick ass type of one!!!

And Life goes on:

Growing up in a family of females – the matriarch, my grandmother, my mum and older sister; being the Aquarian observer I worked out very early to do whatever My Nan asked us to do, she was in charge, whether we liked it or not!

Swimming, basketball and music got me through my teens; with no father figure we were taught to ‘just get things done, using our own strength and nous!!  I had a very determined and independent attitude!

A mum at an early age, family meant and means everything.  4 children and 6 grandchildren later I have lived a very busy and fun life!  Being the first one for 3 generations to have been married for 35 years and counting, more to come on that later, maybe?!

I have evolved and grown through many stages; the stay at home mum, with 1 car to share with my husband; the part-time mum, working around child care and school hours and finally the full-time worker mum!

Luckily for me by the 4th child my husband was self-employed and he worked around her school hours, becoming a stay at home Dad!  Now there are some stories out of that one and yes I will talk about them soon enough.

Life continued – let the fun begin:

And finally, the chapter of my life I never thought would happen!

Full time worker, Mum, grand mum and my mother’s Carer!!  Wow a big title with a lot of responsibility, can I do it, am I doing it?  All I know is my motto in life is getting a full on work out!!! Have fun and be happy 🙂

It’s in this new phase I thank god for my sense of humour and more importantly my ability to laugh at myself, because each and every day I come across something I was not ready or prepared for!

Yikes, so Retro63 a lover of American TV shows; music, sport, family, life and fun if I haven’t grown up by now, I am certainly growing up very quickly right NOW, happy days! (Richie Cunningham and The Fonz) loved that show too 🙂