Update!  I am struggling!!

I am stuck – Struggling!  Stuck, going round and round, dropping and then adding weight and guess what?  It’s far quicker adding than it is dropping ….who would have thought!

It’s not the program I am on, cause I have proven I can lose weight using it!  Its me, why? That’s the question I ask myself daily, why?  Why can’t you stick to what you started? Why do you think you can eat shite and still lose weight?  Why are you not cooking good wholesome meals anymore? Why?

I can’t answer any of them, self-destruction?  Not sure, I love the program – Weight Watchers on-line…I have been successful so far with a 12 kg loss!  What more could I want?

Okay, I have had my little rant and I need to get this stuff sorted, pre-planning meals and eating for the right reasons!  I can do this……I am successful, I am 12 kg lighter than I was when I started it, I have more energy and hey, clothes are starting to look better on me too.  I just need to dig in and stay focussed on what I want to achieve.  A healthier and happier me, that’s all 🙂

You know, I have researched a little on why we do this to ourselves, when we find a program that’s working, we self destruct!

So, there is so much information out there on this exact question, one of the best I came across was How to Stop Self Sabotaging what resonated with me in reading the first page was the following statement!

“The solution?  First, you must take a long-term view of the weight loss process.  Patience and persistence are key.  Look at this as a cross-country road trip.  It’s not a mad dash to the next rest stop so you can turn around again.  Some days on the road trip are going to be beautiful and bright; some days will be overcast.  That’s life.”

I also believe I havent taken the time to celebrate &/or congratulate myself on my journey so far, 12 kg is amazing!  Simple as that! I have done an amazing job…..why is that so hard for me to understand… reason, it just is and the more I remind myself of this achievement the more I realise how awesome this is!  I need to stop seeing it as a struggle but more a challenge I am more than ready and willing to combat…!

I know I can do this and in saying that, I understand its an ongoing process, it will take time, it is a true change to my lifestyle and, I can take moments within this journey to go off course, to not follow the daily plan and guess what?  I will still be okay as long as I get back on track….that’s all, stay true to the journey I started!  The reason’s I started have not changed – but I am human and I will fall on and off the wagon, as such, every now and again, it’s okay!

So if you, like me are in the process of losing weight and struggling! Be kind, congratulate yourself and remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint…..good luck and I will keep you update on my struggles, but I would  love to hear your stories and how you stay focussed and on track or how you celebrate your successes? Let me know and we can struggle or celebrate together 🙂



Don’t we all wish it was this easy….keep up the great work if you too are struggling with your weight loss – remember why you started and if you need anymore inspiration, see below!……:)


Weight Watchers Updates Finally…!

I am not going to bore you with the details of my ongoing battles with my weight, only to say I am a Weight Watchers (WW) gal and I love my mobile phone app and tracking my foods and smart points daily!

Religiously updating the app daily, haven’t missed a day since January 1 2017 when I finally signed up!!  I have lost 12 kilos, which is great, I feel much healthier, I am comfortable and my confidence is increasing every day…!

This is a lifestyle change and I am loving it……! I love the WW Connect Community and I will update this post regularly with my progress and my Connect updates.

I love the WW recipes on the app too – see the home page for a couple of the recent recipes I tried…….yummo!! 🙂


Updates so far, hope you enjoy them?

If you haven’t checked out the Weight Watchers program, see LINK here! You too could find it works for you and the encouragement, kind wishes and awesome motivational stories you read and see will I am sure inspire you too…:)

Check out the current special.....♥


The No Count Option - 30 Days for $30


Image result for weight watchers retroWW across the generations, there helping women and men to lose the weight,,,love these photos, she remained stylish throughout her journey *****!



Super Sonic Snoring…

Super Sonic Snoring – the most important question Retro63 and hubby have at the moment, to sound proof or not? That is the question?

Let me set the scene, peacefully tucked up in our new King Size bed, Egyptian sheets, pillowcases and doona surrounding us – cloud 9 you could say….then, it begins!

Mum and her Super Sonic Snoring!! This is not your usual snoring I am telling you, this is out of this world, loud beyond words and consistent, once started it rarely stops until she wakes the next morning…I seriously don’t know how Dad used to sleep through it!  Possibly the industrial ear muffs on the bed head were a giveaway in respect of my question.  Where some people have a set of pink fluffy covered handcuffs my Dad had a yellow industrial pair of earmuffs proudly hanging from the bed head! 

I used to think it was partly in jest but I now know he was totally serious!

The three choices:-

  1. We move out?

  2. She moves out?

  3. We sound proof her room?

Pros and cons

  • we hurt her feelings 🙁

  • the room looks ugly 🙁

  • resale value decreases (if we don’t sell to family with the same issues or a drum playing teenager!) 🙁

  • we get a peaceful night’s sleep 🙂

  • resale value increases (we sell to a family with the same issues & they have a drum playing teenager!) 🙂

Maybe I need to do some more research before jumping to a sound proofing conclusion?

What do they say online? There is an absolute abundance of info on snoring and sleep problems – from the quirky to the very serious solutions, sleep problems and snoring are ‘not a laughing matter’ and are quite possibly signs of more sinister problems as stated on many of the websites!

Let’s have a look at some of these interesting remedies & info sites on this condition:-

Snoring often goes unnoticed as a disease. One who snores or the one who shares bedroom with such a person remain disturbed due to snoring but most of the time, it is not taken so seriously as to take measures to stop it. But snoring is a risky habit! Seventy five percent of people who snore suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. It means their breathing gets disrupted for short periods when they sleep. This increases their risk of developing heart disease. Therefore, it is essential to treat this condition not only because persons who snore do not feel refreshed on getting up in the morning and have the risk of developing heart disease but also because it poses risk to their marriages! In most of the cases, spouse of a snoring partner sleeps in a separate bedroom! So, if you snore, take help of these home remedies for snoring and save your marriage as well as heart. Please view full article at 

So as noted above this should be taken seriously – to medicate, operate or home remedy, that should be the next question I suppose?

Treatments:- recommend the following – all home remedies – check out the website to get ingredients and recipes for each of the below, worth a try I am sure 🙂

Homemade Saline Nasal Spray; Peppermint Oil; Ayurvedic Ghee; Olive Oil, Sage Herbal; Nettle Leaf Tea; Thyme Essential Oil; Eucalyptus Oil; Mint Tea; Goldenseal; Ginger; Garlic; Essential Oils Blend to Cure Snoring; Tongue and Throat Exercises; Sleep Pattern & Lifestyle remedies.


you can purchase these items or, as per below…………

Dentists – Who would have thought??

My research led me to an article which includes the following info – check the full list of information here 

Dentists specialising in dental sleep medicine (or oral sleep medicine) supply and fit oral appliances to prevent snoring, usually in the form of a mandibular advancement splint (MAS). This device forces the lower jaw forward, increasing the air cavity at the back of the throat. They’re very effective – as long as people can tolerate using them.

So do I, talk to a dentist who specialises in ‘dental sleep medicine’? May be an option, or get some Rapid Home Remedies?  Or, check out the info hubby sent me the other day….. link   it has some merit (sound proofing) but again the wall won’t look that wonderful 🙁

I think we’re going to try the soundproofing…..simply order on-line and it is delivered to our home!  Hubby can install and I’ll tell Mum its insulation to keep her room nice and toasty warm for her, see no feelings hurt in the making of this sound proofing….!  Works out for all of us, lets hope!!!

I’ll keep you updated on the outcome, hoping to have great news on top of some restful and quiet sleeps…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Image result for living with a snorer funny



My Top 5 All Time Movies

I don’t know about you but the below movies are My Top 5 All Time Movies favourites…I am sure I could add a couple of other ones in there (well actually I did…read on) but off the top of my head, these are it!

All different themes and stories but each of them have made me either laugh or cry, become angry or sad or all of these feelings at the same time!

The movies have starred different actors with favourites in each; Tim Robbins, Tom Hanks, Patrick Swayze, Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and both Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn…! 🙂

5. Shawshank Redemption

In 1946, a banker named Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is convicted of a double murder, even though he stubbornly proclaims his innocence. He’s sentenced to a life term at the Shawshank State Prison in Maine, where another lifer, Ellis Red Redding (Morgan Freeman), picks him as the new recruit most likely to crack under the pressure. The ugly realities of prison life are quickly introduced to Andy: a corrupt warden (Bob Gunton), sadistic guards led by Capt. Byron Hadley (Clancy Brown), and inmates who are little better than animals, willing to use rape or beatings to insure their dominance. But Andy does not crack: he has the hope of the truly innocent, which (together with his smarts) allow him to prevail behind bars. He uses his banking skills to win favor with the warden and the guards, doing the books for Norton’s illegal business schemes and keeping an eye on the investments of most of the prison staff. In exchange, he is able to improve the prison library and bring some dignity and respect back to many of the inmates, including Red.

Based on a story by Stephen King, The Shawshank Redemption was the directorial debut of screenwriter Frank Darabont.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

4. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, and Sally Field.

Full Review by Peter Travers @ Rolling Stone

3. Dirty Dancing

Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, Frances “Baby” Houseman falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor Johnny Castle.

Full Review by CommonSense Media

2. Silence of the Lamb

A psychopath nicknamed Buffalo Bill is murdering women across the Midwest. Believing it takes one to know one, the FBI sends Agent Clarice Starling to interview a demented prisoner who may provide clues to the killer’s actions. That prisoner is psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant, diabolical cannibal who agrees to help Starling only if she’ll feed his morbid curiosity with details of her own complicated life. As their relationship develops, Starling is forced to confront not only her own hidden demons, but also an evil so powerful that she may not have the courage – or strength – to stop it!

Full Review by Peter Travers @ Rolling Stone

1. Blink

Blink is a 1994 neo-noir thriller film starring Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn. Director Michael Apted was nominated for a Crystal Globe award for the film at the Karlovy Vary International Film.

Director: Michael Apted

Movie blurbs compliments of Wikipedia 

So why are they on my favourite list you ask?

No 1. Blink – it’s not  a very well-known movie, I can’t find it on Netflix but have been able to download a copy from the internet. I love the story line and the romance between Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn, electric!  Love it and a bonus it has some great songs from The Drovers as well – check this one from the start of the show; checkout the trailer too, you may find you like it as well 🙂

No 2. Silence of the Lambs – Wow!  What can I say, love the movie and Jodie Foster is awesome in it, with some great scenes….

The one where Clarice first meets Dr Lecter; the one where he escapes and the one where Clarice is in the house by herself in the dark with a murderer and his captive, the dog and the well, just love that part!  Check out a favourite scene package.

No 3. Dirty Dancing…say no more – love it for the fun, romance, message and Patrick Swayze dancing. Check it out, you can’t tell me you don’t like it either!  My absolute favourite though…drum roll……….LOVE IT!

No 4. Forrest Gump – “Run Forrest Run”! So many interesting moments in this movie – references to historical events together with some great moments.  Who could forget when Forrest asks with raw emotion if Little Forrest is smart?  heart breaking!

No 5. Shawshank Redemption – who could forget the quote “swims through a river of shit to come out clean……” see the trailer here; amazing movie with a great story, love to still watch this one with my hubby.

Lastly though I would like to make mention of two action packed favourites as well, The Bourne Identity and Taken – love the movies, fast paced and action packed, maybe I could have made it my top 7???



What’s Your Favourite Spider?

What’s your favourite Spider? The sweet kind that is! Creaming soda, lemonade, Coke or Passiona,  or did you have another flavour?

Who could forget the trips to the local Milk Bar and the special treat of the Spider, it was special, well that’s how I remember it….!




  • Vanilla ice-cream

  • Creaming soda or Lemonade or Coke or Passiona


  1. Place a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a tall glass and pour over creaming soda, lemonade, Coke or Passiona.

  2. Serve with a straw or spoon.

Lime spider_picMy favourite, Lime Spider!  Check out Bells Milk Bar their lime cordial mix is the best!





Sarcasm Central

Grab your dose of Retro humour right here………


Maybe I use sarcasm fluently based on the kaz’ (people have been known to refer to me as that!) in the pronunciation, but for whatever reason I find it a useful tool when dealing with life’s ‘tools’!

So now your wondering who I am referring to as ‘tools’? Those with small minds and large opinions!  Everything if you like, in ‘black and white’, they know everything and you cant give them any advice they need!  See that’s where I like to use a little sarcasm, to help them along the way….:)

Interestingly though sarcasm and sarcastic people are looked upon as possible ‘passive aggressors’ trying to ‘mock, ridicule &/or hurt others’ due to a number of reasons in their own lives!  Find out more from and their article on this!

Wow!  what is my problem then and why do I find myself using sarcasm to get through my days?  I don’t feel like I use if for evil but more for humour and candid comments to sometimes point out the ‘bleeding obvious’ to my hubby or children!  They have to know sometimes and this way I feel I am breaking it to them in a way they understand and feel comfortable with. Maybe as I have brought them up this way they aren’t affected.

In my working life though and as a people manager I do take care I am not using sarcasm to get a point across, at those times it is a face to face discussion about the issue or problem, no mincing my words, straight out with it but always surrounding the message with some positives as well – the constructive sandwich solution!  I found a great read recently @ Personal on this old concept!

So for the time being I am happy to continue to use sarcasm to get a point across where needed and love these wonderful Retro posters I love sharing with my family and friends; I often find myself collecting cards with either Sarcasm or Retro themes as well, “another collection” my hubby would say, but I just love all this stuff…!





  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

    “she didn’t like the note of sarcasm in his voice”

    synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, satire, irony, scorn, sneering, scoffing, gibing, taunting;

    trenchancy, mordancy, acerbity;
    rarecausticity, mordacity
    “his voice was heavy with sarcasm”


sarcasm-central_retro-humour-no-11sarcasm-central_retro-humour-no-10Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 7Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 9Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 6Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 5Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 4Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 3Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 2Sarcasm Central_Retro humour No 1


Retro63 (aka Kaz)





Mum_Law_Sibling_Inheritance………OMG Inheritance issues before Death!?

Adulting has been very hard lately – taking on responsibility for Mums care was an easy decision but comes with a full set of tasks needing to be done daily; working full-time I am starting to become a great juggler and in saying that I am finding the responsibility does make me stop and take time in my busy day for personal matters, booking appointments, following up on things and checking in on Mum and my family!  In the past I’ve been known to completely ignore my personal life when at work and wasn’t known to be very organised when it came to personal appointments and follow-up for myself or my family, work came first, Mum raised me with a work ethic to match hers!

While on annual leave (3 weeks away from the business of managing people and clients, yah!), I grew up even more, one reason being I had my 53rd birthday, haha,  but more importantly than that I needed to realise my new role also came with a lot of negative comment and innuendo due to being in control of my Mum’s money! Wow, wow, wee – I wasn’t prepared nor expecting this, not from my one and only sibling who had relinquished Mums care to me and organised that I be her power of attorney!  You what?  Now you think I am ripping Mum off?

Needless to say I’ve grown up quickly and luckily I had from the beginning kept receipts for everything she purchased and payments, I am no bunny!  I have never wanted to be estranged from my family nor had I imagined this would ever happen, but there you go, like a witches brew and with the right ingredients you have a toxic mix of:-

jealousy, greed and lies!  Not a pretty picture but one that is played out in many families throughout the world on a daily basis. Witch V2





I learned this in talking with experts in this area and through internet research, wow – I was definitely naive, I always thought ‘if you are doing something for all the right reasons and with the right intent’ then you can’t go wrong! Wrong, this was obviously a very immature statement when dealing with people and money, or should I say future inheritance funds!!!

I now understand many people do start to count their chickens before they hatch, or should I say in this case their dollars before their loved one’s death!  Blunt I know but true in so many cases and definitely in ours!

Forgotten are the loved ones and their future or current needs, wants and wishes, how totally sad and disappointing we need to discuss issues like these with them when in fact we are saying to them, “just hang on a minute whilst we have an argument around what will be left of your money when you die, as there are some concerns you could spend too much of that making yourself comfortable and happy, hence cutting into the inheritance you will leave behind”, sorry for any inconvenience!…..wrong, wrong, wrong!! 

Mum is happy, loved and respected and with the support of a great family lawyer, some great advice and good record keeping on my part (go me) she will not have to have this discussion again and can just ‘live’.  

I am banking (pardon the pun) on her being around for at least the next 10 years and possibly 15 if she behaves herself, she’s not totally in agreement with me on this as she says at 81 she’s tired and thinks she may have earned a rest! That’s what she says, but I have used some well-meaning bribery and her love of her newest great-granddaughter to entice and guilt  her into being around for as long as possible or at least until the baby is 10 years old (she’s currently 1), I have complete faith in her, she’ll do it and happily!

Well that’s my ‘adulting’ moment for the time being, turned 53 and all hell broke loose, shite balls!  All is good and I can go back to believing the world is a great place, full of wonderful people…..mostly!

Thanks for listening and would love to hear any comments, feedback or stories of similar situations….







Cyclone Daughters

Have you been affected by a Cyclone lately?

  • Do you feel totally wiped out, tired and grumpy?

  • Does your house need major renovations and a professional clean?

  • Are your stress levels higher than the Democrats watching Donald Trump become the republicans ‘candidate’?

  • Are you instantly wanting to take a holiday, miles away, overseas in fact and for a long time?

If so, you like me have had the visit from your kids, with partners and grandchildren in tow, maybe even their pets as well.  The Cyclone comes to:-

a) hang out for the day – maybe they were recovering from a few drinks with friends the previous night or

b) see what you were having for dinner, maybe you had cooked enough for everyone or

c) check your pantry and freezer for anything they may have misplaced or left at your house, yeah right…! or

d) have a rest from being parents and let you take control of the kid’s needs!

Daughters, mine are like Cyclones – they love to drop in regularly with the grandkids. I liken their visits to stealth missions – arriving in secret (mostly), causing major destruction and leaving quickly, although their exit isn’t as quiet as it possibly should be for a successful mission!!

 Cyclone Daughters_Doing Nothing Today

Kids lets go and visit Nan and Pop, they’re doing ‘nothing’ today!

 Cyclone Daughters_Pic_own grandparents

So they arrive and suddenly the house that was orderly, peaceful and clean soon becomes noisy, messy and disorganised!

The volume has increased significantly with 5 conversations taking place simultaneously and everyone wanting their story, opinion or answer to be heard!


Do you love your family so much you overlook the cyclone which has arrived on your door step and greet them with a familiarly warm welcome, happy to be surrounded by the joys of your life – yes, like me I am sure you do and like me also, you will worry about the aftermath and the clean up later but for now you will enjoy the time you have with your family and their quirky habits and behaviours – that is until it’s time for them to leave, the cyclone is dissipating –  then the fun begins in reverse!

Have you got everything girls, “yes”!

As suspected – “No they haven’t!” and the Cyclone re-appears…..!

  1. Daughters mobile phone left in between cushions on couch whilst she was catching up on social media and having a break from mothering.
  2. Daughters car keys not in the handbag or pocket – lost? Where are the keys????? Possibly like on many occasions in the ignition of the car, parked out on the street for anyone to take if they wish!
  3. Grandkids socks and shoes missing? Where did they take them off grandparents, I’m sure you’ll know where to find them, can you please look, I’ll take the kids to the car and wait?
  4. All take-aways (food and supplies from pantry and freezer raid) still in the bags on the kitchen table? Oh yes, no worries I’ll run that out to the car for your as well, sorry you forgot it!
  5. A quick check of the back yard and sure enough they haven’t got their pets either!!

The list goes on and on, and the number of return visits to pick things up, or the phone calls to ask if they left x, y or z and then the problem solving, how are we or how are they going to get the items back?

Cyclone Daughters_Children Caffeine_Pet

Then you have the, thank god they’re gone moment interrupted by a knock at the door again, no – the keys aren’t in the car, so we now have a hunt happening and if we don’t find them within the next 30 seconds or so, we will have the grandkids back inside wondering what is taking so long!  Then they need to go to the loo and they need that last glass of water or a chocolate or biscuit!!

Daughters  and grandchildren, they are a special breed; loved, adored and treasured even though I am sure they are related to cyclones and tornadoes as are the grandchildren related to royalty! Little princes and princesses….! 🙂

Love them and wouldn’t change a thing except maybe my address and contact phone number! 


OMG where’s our parents gone??

Cyclone Daughters_Rocket




My Dribble….Evening News Edition 1

Breaking News_My Dribble InsertSo here’s My News Dribble for the day………

Sonia Kruger’s @SoniaKruger comments continue to be news worthy and causing comment and controversy..!

Sonia Kruger My Dribble_Evening Edition 1

Why?  She stated an opinion as many have who are not in the media spotlight but who, like Sonia are scared and worried about the future and the ‘safeness’ of our wonderful country!

We should be able to discuss these issues,  learn from events in other countries and work collaboratively to ensure we have done all we can to keep this country, our children and our communities safe.

It is a tough society who label someone a racist based on an answer to a question without hearing or more importantly listening to the context and reason that goes with that!  Typical 24 hour news cycles!

Our culture has changed and continues to change, our larrikin, she’ll be right attitude is fading and quickly being replaced with an ultra sensitive approach to words and actions; whether those words and actions are being spoken or enacted for the wrong reasons or not!

When we ask for an opinion from someone it is just that, their opinion!  Why then do the news media and public berate the responder with their own opinions of the answer – all of a sudden everyone wants to state what they believe to be the motive for the answer and then what that means in relation to political correctness, bias, racism, hatred and an abundance of other motivators; a simple answer to a question becomes the label the responder wears, whether it fits or not!

Sonia Kruger has, by answering the question honestly and openly kept the 24 hour news cycle, twitter, Facebook and all other social media platforms churning.

What has it proven and/or achieved, mainly venomous conversation and opinion pieces but I for one believe she, like I, am entitled to an opinion and I too am worried and scared for my children and my country’s future; when will the mass murders stop, will our world ever find peace, can we as humans increase our tolerance and love?

Maybe we could start by spending less time being opinionated and more time understanding our individualism which is represented by a range of opinions on events in the world and these opinions may be upsetting but being venomous in return does not fix or change it; tolerance and love is the way forward and this may include tolerating changes to immigration to enable a safer country, that can’t be too bad, our children and communities are too important to not do this!

If we don’t have the discussion and don’t listen to all opinions, we too could be angry with our Government in the future were there to be an act of terrorism in our country which kills or injures people; we would of course want answers and as always in today’s society, someone would have to pay, someone didn’t do their job well enough…!

Lets get over ourselves, tolerate others opinions and look to find solutions and make changes that support a safer and kinder society!



Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mothers Day_Card P1

Happy Mother’s Day to my Greatest Teacher, my best friend and my cheapest therapist!

Love Always……Retro63