Why is Weight Loss so Slow…

I was driving along today thinking about how slow my weight loss was going! Then I thought to myself I put this weight on ‘one chip at a time’ this wasn’t done overnight!  It took a lot of bad food choices to get to where I was, so why then do I think it will be a fast road back.  I need to remember those binge times and be so ‘happy and grateful’ for ME!  I am making the change and yes, its slow but as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!  Onwards and downwards!

I have to be patient, my weight was born of the food choices I made and the amount I ate.  I am retraining myself, learning to eat healthier and make better choices, more organisation and food prep!  It’s a long way from where I was at before, as I said ‘one chip at a time’ !

Every day I need to think before actioning! I notice the effect of some foods like bread for instance, it upsets my tummy, go figure, I love bread and would eat it most days, I never realised it was the reason for my bloated stomach! Wow having a ‘good ole sanga’ can ruin my whole day!

I am learning each day what is good for me and making much better decisions. I still have cheat’ days if I want – my choice, but I find it’s much nicer to do ‘fakeaways‘ from the Weight Watchers App, homemade pizza; fish and chips, coleslaw or a healthy stir fry – all great alternatives and easy on the budget.  Hubby is even happy to eat my fakeaways!

So onwards and downwards – that’s my motto – taking time to learn and listen to my body, change my options, make great choices, be determined and remember this happened one chip at a time, my journey backwards will happen, one better decision at a time too 🙂 and I am losing weight, it’s fantastic – 13 kilos down now – still a long way to go but I am 13 kg smaller than when I started this journey!

I find reading and listening to ‘success stories’ helps with motivation and keeping me on track.  I love seeing the changes and reading the journey, there is always something in those stories which ring true with me as well.

My WW app has the Connect Community, which I have spoken about before, some great people, motivating stories, funny moments and just good old support and encouragement from people who know!  They get it and are there too!

Check some of those stories out right here…..http://www.weightwatchers.com/us/success-story

I reckon the next step in my Weight Watchers journey will be to check out – and try the Weight Watchers Aussie Farmers Direct – Fresh Box!  Shop FAIR. Eat FRESH. Made EASY.
Check this special out from Weight Watchers – $30 off your first order……..https://shop.aussiefarmers.com.au/campaign/ww-offer
I’ll update you on how I go when I finally get around to making my first order, should be sooner than later though with that offer!







Update!  I am struggling!!

I am stuck – Struggling!  Stuck, going round and round, dropping and then adding weight and guess what?  It’s far quicker adding than it is dropping ….who would have thought!

It’s not the program I am on, cause I have proven I can lose weight using it!  Its me, why? That’s the question I ask myself daily, why?  Why can’t you stick to what you started? Why do you think you can eat shite and still lose weight?  Why are you not cooking good wholesome meals anymore? Why?

I can’t answer any of them, self-destruction?  Not sure, I love the program – Weight Watchers on-line…I have been successful so far with a 12 kg loss!  What more could I want?

Okay, I have had my little rant and I need to get this stuff sorted, pre-planning meals and eating for the right reasons!  I can do this……I am successful, I am 12 kg lighter than I was when I started it, I have more energy and hey, clothes are starting to look better on me too.  I just need to dig in and stay focussed on what I want to achieve.  A healthier and happier me, that’s all 🙂

You know, I have researched a little on why we do this to ourselves, when we find a program that’s working, we self destruct!

So, there is so much information out there on this exact question, one of the best I came across was How to Stop Self Sabotaging what resonated with me in reading the first page was the following statement!

“The solution?  First, you must take a long-term view of the weight loss process.  Patience and persistence are key.  Look at this as a cross-country road trip.  It’s not a mad dash to the next rest stop so you can turn around again.  Some days on the road trip are going to be beautiful and bright; some days will be overcast.  That’s life.”

I also believe I havent taken the time to celebrate &/or congratulate myself on my journey so far, 12 kg is amazing!  Simple as that! I have done an amazing job…..why is that so hard for me to understand…..no reason, it just is and the more I remind myself of this achievement the more I realise how awesome this is!  I need to stop seeing it as a struggle but more a challenge I am more than ready and willing to combat…!

I know I can do this and in saying that, I understand its an ongoing process, it will take time, it is a true change to my lifestyle and, I can take moments within this journey to go off course, to not follow the daily plan and guess what?  I will still be okay as long as I get back on track….that’s all, stay true to the journey I started!  The reason’s I started have not changed – but I am human and I will fall on and off the wagon, as such, every now and again, it’s okay!

So if you, like me are in the process of losing weight and struggling! Be kind, congratulate yourself and remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint…..good luck and I will keep you update on my struggles, but I would  love to hear your stories and how you stay focussed and on track or how you celebrate your successes? Let me know and we can struggle or celebrate together 🙂



Don’t we all wish it was this easy….keep up the great work if you too are struggling with your weight loss – remember why you started and if you need anymore inspiration, see below!……:)


Losing Weight Episode #4……Nope changing allegiance to Weight Watchers and staying Motivated!

 Losing Weight Episode #4……Nope changing allegiance to Weight Watchers! I am still motivated and will do this!

So, as you may have gathered not a lot has changed from Episode #3, don’t worry I remain motivated though! I have continued to eat healthily and remain off sugar and kept reducing carbohydrates as much as possible but any change to my weight and measurements is not happening.  In Episode # 2 I reported on a drop in kilos and Episode # 3 included changes to measurements in the positive as well but since then I believe if anything I have put it back on!  This is a very stubborn body with a slow and sluggish metabolism to suit!

So, in consultation with youngest daughter I have agreed to join Weight Watchers which will give me a broader range of foods to pick from, great recipes and the support (online) to help me, before I stomp my foot, softly that is (we do live on an Island surrounded by water, no Tsunami happening here)!  I can’t throw the towel in now, even though there is not a lot of changes to the numbers, they are only that and my motivation, commitment and drive to reduce my size has not wilted nor changed – it is a happening thing even if my old body is too stubborn to realise – my willpower will outlast my body fat mass and my very lack-lustre and un motivated metabolism!! Losing Weight Episode #4 Keep Calm

After all I am a grown woman and can’t rely on youngest daughter to have all my foods & food ideas pre-prepared!  Youngest daughter has been the catalyst and she, like me knows I am motivated, and I have the commitment; any challenge and especially those types that possibly not everyone close to me believes I can maintain, is all I need as my focus and my driving force!  “What, you think it is too hard for me to lose weight?  Well just watch this space, it will happen! and well before I am carted off in my pine box to my final resting place, this is no idle threat, believe me”!



Now before I sign off on my initial weight loss plan and start my new one, which I will continue to document, both the ups and the downs! I will leave you with some interesting information……..a cheat meal or snack is said to be a good thing when dieting, this has been proven by research; it is healthy in keeping you motivated in the fight to lose weight and can result in faster weight loss! Wow! who would have thought?

            Writing for theconversation.com Sydney University research fellow Nick Fuller said ‘break days’ from calorie counting could be the    best way to shed the kilos – and keep them off.

Great to read this research and even better to know you haven’t blown your ‘diet’ by taking ‘breaks or having cheats’, far better to realise it can be beneficial, as we don’t always feel good about ourselves when we ‘fall off the wagon’, so to speak!

See the full article @ http://english.alarabiya.net/en/life-style/healthy-living/2016/04/10/Dieting-Here-s-why-a-cheat-day-can-help-weight-loss.html

Losing Weight Episode #4 Pizza Losing Weight Episode #4 Fried Food Losing Weight Episode #4 Chips








So my continued commitment documented and noted, with me publishing regularly and keeping you posted on how I, my body mass and metabolism are ‘working out’, pardon the pun J Just like in the 60’s, man landed on the moon, so will Retro63 shed the weight, lower the body mass indicator and re-energise and motivate my metabolism!

Losing Weight Episode #4 Motivation







Foods! Weight Loss the RIGHT WAY – Episode #3

Okay so here we go again, episode # 3 – which equates to about 3+ weeks of this weight loss program and I am going to lose weight the right way!



Today we look at some of the foods I have been eating in my weight loss program and finally there is movement, I have lost 4.5 kilos and a cm off both my waist and thighs – yee-ha! The trusty old boobs remain stubborn and biggish!!  What do they say about ‘moving mountains’!??

My efforts and that of younger daughter have not been in vein and I can celebrate – slightly – obviously I need to keep up eating the right foods, maybe one piece of Lindt dark chocolate again this week – yippee!

I have been sticking to our plan and eating the right foods and steering well clear of, sugar, bread and soft drinks, I am eating healthily and I am now making really good and smart decisions about what foods I am putting into my body.

I have started to appreciate different foods: taking time to prepare and sit and eat it, as Lucille Ball once said “to live longer, you need to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age”!

A few of the foods I have been eating over the last weeks have been:-

Some of my favourites
Some of my favourites

sweet-potato-and-tuna-patties Episode # 3 Quiona & Sweet Potato Patties Episode # 3* Quinoa and Sweet Potato Patties – from A House in the Hills Recipe – they are AWESOME!!!





  •  Tuna on rice crackers
  • Tuna on salad
  • Tuna on C with tomato and pepper
  • Tuna and Sweet Potato Patties – from Taste.com.au – Recipe – yum, yum and more yum
  • Chicken breast oven baked
  • Chicken breast grilled
  • Chicken kebabs (home made of course) with capsicum, onion and mushrooms
  • Cabbage, onion and garlic with a small amount of lean bacon – from All recipes – Recipe
  • Beef kebabs
  • Beef Stir Fry with vegetables and cashews (home made with fresh produces from our local Coles)
  • Fruit Salad with Orange Poppy Seed Syrup – from Natashaskitchen.com 

Not an exhaustive list of foods I know, but some of the favourites at the moment with more to come in future updates.


Interesting FOOD FACTS!!

I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Fun Fact # 3 Lollies_Chocs I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Fun Fact # 2 I am going to LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Episode # 3 Snacking FACT








So onward and upward, or should I say downward – with some dedication and continued improvement to my choices of foods and eating habits I know I can shed the weight I need to be comfortable, healthy and happy.

This is simple but so true...onwards and upwards, uh-huh, downwards........
This is simple but so true…onwards and upwards, uh-huh, downwards……..











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I am going to LOSE Weight the RIGHT WAY! Episode #2

I am going to LOSE Weight the RIGHT WAY! Episode #2.

Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of our lives! Diet!
Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of our lives! Or should I say ‘days of my diet!’ 







Coming up to 14 days and I have remained true to myself to lose weight and followed youngest daughters instructions and advice on foods to eat and foods to stay away from (big BAD SUGAR!) No 1 enemy of mine at the moment!!

Coffee without sugar is still not growing on me but one of my staff gave me a cup of tea (Twinnings Pomegranate), it’s growing on me and will become a regular each day I suspect, and especially if she is making it each work day for me!! Who am I to knock back a free cuppa!


So weigh in, or should I say measure in didn’t go too well; not only did the numbers (remembering they are very secret numbers, death or worse to those who divulge or show them!) only revealed a minor change; but the whole experience of youngest daughter, with middle daughter looking on was hilarious, not only could we not find my hips again (elusive little buggers they are at times) but we needed a, ‘ User Guide for Measuring Tape Use for Dummies’ !  If it wasn’t so funny it would have been slightly embarrasing!

I initially put in a protest about the numbers, must have been no change due to ‘operator error’, youngest daughter has a degree but not in taking and recording measurements obviously! My cries of protest were overlooked or completely not listened to and the numbers stand – I had lost a misely 1 cm off my waist!

All is not lost though because youngest daughter realised we should have taken measurements at the beginning of my arms and legs as well, she believes this is an area that will show the weight loss more consistently; although as I pointed out both my arms and legs do feel lighter and yes this was obviously the main area of weight loss but alas, we will never know now, just like in those great suspense dramas with Bette Davis, you just don’t know sometimes!!

Anyway I am feeling  better already and have more energy than I have had for a while, amazing what steering clear of sugar, bread, pasta and potatoes can do in a short period of time.  I won’t give up on losing weight, based on a slow start – I will knuckle down and keep on working hard at eating well and eating healthy + regularly to help motivate and give mojo to my metabolism + incorporate some easy/gentle exercise, fun oh fun oh fun, life cannot get any better, I kid you not!  More to follow in my next episode on this area of my weight loss program!

I also just found this on  Google ……now we’re cooking with gas!

We're using this from now on and entrusting to the safe, for safe keeping, hahahahaha
We’re using this from now on and entrusting to the numbers to the safe, for safe keeping! hahahahaha













So what does it look like? What am I eating? See below for a small snippet of what I am eating…………


Shake or  Rolled Oats, Greek Yoghurt & fresh berries (done overnight style) – I have the shake of a morning mostly as I am not that good at starting the day with food, I would prefer to drink (my employer won’t allow booze in the workplace so I have to rely on shakes, coffee, tea and now the good ole sparkly water or soda water)

Morning tea

Wholegrain rice crackers and hummus or piece of fruit (Sakata Sour Cream and Chives are my favs at the moment – just saying)


Leftovers from previous nights dinner; usually consists of salad, quinoa fried rice & some grilled, oven baked chicken (no skin) or Wraps (wholemeal) with salad and meat (chicken or tuna)

Afternoon tea

Rice cakes with promite (I know it should be the age old vegemite but for some reason since starting this I crave promite, obviously something in it I shouldn’t have, but we haven’t looked that up yet, so promite it is)!

Aussie staple
Aussie staple


Salad or vegetables, quinoa fried rice or plain with chicken breast, fish or red meat (grilled, baked or shallow fried)

Other snacks – celery, carrot, beetroot dip, corn &/or zucchini fritters, sultana and cranberries, nuts (limited) to name a few…..

My list isn’t extensive but it is trial and error and this is working for me, so yah!

Fingers/toes crossed for a reduction in numbers next week – a little more than this week would be good but I will take it as it comes, thanks again as always for listening!

Look! Its starting to fall away.....
Look! Its starting to fall away…..

I will keep you updated and post regularly on my progress, share recipes (still to come) and information I find helpful; I would love to hear your stories too.