circa 1950:  A woman holds three Tupperware containers while standing in front of a group of women seated in a living room during a Tupperware party. Some of the women wear hats made from the plastic containers. A table in the foreground displays a range of the company's products.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

OMG! Is Tupperware still around?……

I just went to my first Tupperware party in at least 7 years! Wow, I was really looking forward to going as well, couldn’t wait to see the new range of products and check out the colours..!

Amazing how the products you remember or maybe still have, morph into a more sleek, modern version of themselves!  Some in fact come full circle!
When I think Retro I often think Tupperware…it’s weird but I do!

Throughout the ages Tupperware has been there!

I remember as a young stay at home Mum often being invited and feeling obligated to go to a Tupperware Party out of pity or support for a friend!  With dread in my stomach knowing I couldn’t really afford a damn thing! But of course, buying in support again and then, why not, offering to have a party too…of course you want your friend to get the best discounts!!  I am sure you all remember these scenarios.

I have to say though, I secretly wanted to buy more and have my  kitchen set-up totally with Tupperware, from my pantry to my storage cupboards to my baking utensils and spice containers, I wanted it all and I wanted it in beautiful matching colours………………….being on one wage though we just couldn’t afford it and not wanting to make Hubbie feel bad, I would make out I didn’t care in the slightest and played up the ‘victim’ part of the story, you know, the one that has me saying “I just had to help Debbie or Sharon out, they always say yes to these parties and now no-one is going, of course I am going to go to help them out!  Don’t worry though I won’t buy anything, maybe an ice tray or something like that!” You know how that story goes…..

Hubbie was always nervous on the eve of the party, worried I would be sucked in (his words) and buy ‘stuff’ we don’t need and can’t afford or low and behold agree to a party at our house!

I couldn’t wait to let him know I hadn’t buckled, I had stayed strong and no! I hadn’t spent our next pay packet on Tupperware nor had a I booked a party at our house……go me!

He was so proud on these occasions!

On the odd occasion I may have both spent and booked a party the customary line about “had to help Debbie or Sharon, they were so close to getting a free or a 1/2 price item and only needed some more $’s spent + someone to have a party”!  “You know they will help me out when my party is on and I’ll keep it low-key, not too much of a fuss”!  Again you know the drill, those often ‘saving’ throw away lines – porky pies (white lies)  as I like to refer to them!

Not to be scotched at though, Tupperware was the making of some ‘stay at home Mum’s’ those that were particularly looking to make an income when returning to the workforce was not an option for them; and they were very successful woman….the most famous of those being Brownie Wise

So where did it all start?

Tupperware’s inventor Earl Silas Tupper’s  first business went bankrupt in the Great Depression. He then got a job at the DuPont Chemical company, where he developed the plastic containers with spill-proof, airtight lids, and in 1946 began selling them at hardware and department stores and private distribution companies. They were also giveaways with cigarettes!  Never happen in this day and age!

But despite earning design awards for the Wonderbowl, Tupperware sales were“dismal,” due to the bad reputation of plastics. Their value needed to be demonstrated.

It all turned around because of Tupperware parties. The parties got started by Brownie Wise, a sales executive and single mother who rose to fame, before being ousted by Tupper in 1958 and written out of the company history. Wise is due to get the Hollywood treatment, and will be played by Sandra Bullock.

Tupperware main pic. A woman holds three Tupperware containers while standing in front of a group of women seated in a living room during a Tupperware party circa 1950.Photograph by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

And then there was Dixie!! Now she threw a very different type of Tupperware party….wow, never seen Tupperware on show like this before..!!  Check it out below…..


So that’s my wonderful Tupperware memories and if your wondering; did I buy stuff at the most recent Tupperware party, yes, I did…..I absolutely love the bento style lunch range and who can beat the gold old round food storage bowls! I also bought the larger chopping container, it’s awesome.  The colours are amazing, love them…..they are so recognisable and attract so much attention in the staff room at lunch time……maybe I should have a party..what do you reckon????




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