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Weight Watchers Updates Finally…!

I am not going to bore you with the details of my ongoing battles with my weight, only to say I am a Weight Watchers (WW) gal and I love my mobile phone app and tracking my foods and smart points daily!

Religiously updating the app daily, haven’t missed a day since January 1 2017 when I finally signed up!!  I have lost 12 kilos, which is great, I feel much healthier, I am comfortable and my confidence is increasing every day…!

This is a lifestyle change and I am loving it……! I love the WW Connect Community and I will update this post regularly with my progress and my Connect updates.

I love the WW recipes on the app too – see the home page for a couple of the recent recipes I tried…….yummo!! 🙂


Updates so far, hope you enjoy them?

If you haven’t checked out the Weight Watchers program, see LINK here! You too could find it works for you and the encouragement, kind wishes and awesome motivational stories you read and see will I am sure inspire you too…:)

Check out the current special.....♥


The No Count Option - 30 Days for $30


Image result for weight watchers retroWW across the generations, there helping women and men to lose the weight,,,love these photos, she remained stylish throughout her journey *****!



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