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Where’s Retro63?

Where’s Retro63? Wow seems like an eternity since I posted last!  Mother’s Day, poignant that was my last post – it has been a very frantic time since then…..as mother’s time often is!!

Wheres Retro63_packing style pic

We are on the move – our beautiful ‘story book’ house has found some new owners who love it as much as we did, yah 🙂

Off to the ‘blue house’- I am positive this name will stick even if we re-paint the exterior render!!

Mum is starting to get excited, she can almost feel her sewing room – its that close 🙂

Husband is hanging out to watch what he wants and when he wants too in his lounge room and youngest daughter will be able to hibernate in her room without the ‘noises’ of daily life interfering, great I suspect for when she has come off a night shift!

So apart form packing, working and more packing I haven’t had time for much else!  Which is a real bummer, we have the biffo of Hilary and Trump, the passing of Mohammed Ali, the Australian federal election – Turnbull vs. Shorten (they are both short – en something, not sure what though!), maybe it is Tony Abbott? So much happening and so little time to make comment & post!!

Okay, I’ll get this done and then get back into my posts….writing from the blue house’ 🙂

Where's the time gone. Professional movers pic

Do you remember this wonderful episode!! Love it 🙂 Ma and Pa Kettle, Professional Removalists


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